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Guns For Hire is not a real show! It's just an AU I made up :)
dunadanranger said: For your consideration: Carolina, South, and CT giving the male Freelancers make overs.

tie bows on wyoming’s mustache….

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Anonymous said: I was under the impression that the Director was the AI fam's dad but now I realize that Alpha would be the dad and the Director would have to be grandpa?

You know….i have no idea tbh LMAO i have typed out several responses to this but each time I just confused myself more on what i thought ;;;;;

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Anonymous said: What was the official merch you did?

The Red vs Blue playing cards!

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Anonymous said: sometimes i remember you have done official RvB merch and I just.... synnepai! ;w;

ahaha ahh thank you anon…i think? ;///u///; 

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dersedingles said: oh boy i might be literal wash cause i'm vietnamese and have blonde hair with the dark roots and hair style and i even had red hair right before then amazing

we found wash *A*

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Anonymous said: You should draw more sister eventually...I mean if you want to

i was gonna draw her with grif after i release his design ahahhaha -u- 

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Anonymous said: Have you drawn GFH Wash without a helmet? Your Wash headcanon is perfect

Eye squints off in to the distance

i feel like i have…but i could have also dreamed that

maybe i will later!! 

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Anonymous said: if asian wash had red hair instead of blonde he'd literally be me (i'm korean my roots are also in desperate need of touching up)

Wash probably went red before blonde….or after…..are you sure you are not actually Wash?? 

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Anonymous said: I've been wondering: are there any plans for the Director to make an appearance in GFH?

Isn’t that the million dollar question….

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Anonymous said: Your art makes me so happy. Especially your Asian Wash. It's nice to think of him in that sense. I'm trying to get back into writing and I was wondering if it'd be ok if I use your picture as a ref to describe him in my fic? :)

Thank you! Sure you can (jsyk he is korean/vietnamese in a bad need of getting his roots touched up LMAO) good luck on your writing anon! 

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Anonymous said: i feel weird for asking but what's rvb guns for hire? ;w;

It’s just an AU i made for the show red vs blue ahahaha that’s all!!

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Anonymous said: When do you think you'll live stream next? I really enjoyed watching you draw last time I watched

Maybe later tonight….

I’m sorry :( I just have a lot of commission work that is due this month so I haven’t even had time to draw for myself lately….I hope you understand…

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doctxrgrey said: Have you drawn Dr. Grey at all? Like not in your GFH AU, but in general? There's not near enough fanart for this lovely lady <3

no not yet sorry :(( 

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Anonymous said: I made one of your pictures of Wash into my desktop background, and literally the only reason I was able to drag myself out of bed today was so I could turn on my computer and see him. Your art's a powerful thing, and I wanted you to know just how much it means to me. Thank you.

anon thank you for sharing this with me, it really humbles my heart to hear that my art has such an effect on someone. your words mean so much to me, let’s continue to face each day strongly.

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confessionforanothertime said: Who's eyeliner is more on point: Felix or South?

I think felix has better things to worry about than learning to wear eyeliner or even considering it… 

plus have you seen south’s eyes? how she has time to do that in the middle of everything is amazing

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