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Anonymous said: since you did official RvB art does that mean everything you draw is canon?

Locus/Felix and York/Wash/North is canon sorry i don’t make the rules

Anonymous said: You are literally one of the nicest people I've ever followed and your art is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful week

;____; thank you anon you are very sweet these words mean a lot to me!!

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handpickedhappiness said: Hi sorry I really love your new piece, it's gorgeous as always! Though in your tags you say they're white looking because they're referenced of people who are white, which I can understand. But you also say 'if I had a say I would love to make...' and i'm so so sorry if i'm being ignorant or stupid here but in what way don't you have a say? Maybe i'm missing some context of the post but I don't really understand how you don't have a say in how your own art looks? Sorry again! :S

no it’s ok

i mean it as….if in canon they weren’t all *spoilers?* based off of the director (and sort of Allison? cause beta…) i would have made them different races instead of after them (I didn’t want to ignore canon basically….)

does that make sense?? sorry i really don’t want to step on ppl’s toes…. ;;;

antarcticfresh said: ooh, please do a reimagined AI headcanon post! that'd be really rad! <3

i really would like to ;;;


Anonymous said: Do you have a face-canon for Sister? You're art is absolutely fantastic and your face-canons are just perfect.

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Anonymous said: Felix will go out of his way to sit on something that isn't a chair (Counters/Tables/etc) because Locus hates it. Basically my headcanon is Felix is a large cat.

felix the cat

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Anonymous said: I bet you $20 that Felix has told Locus "Stop being so cross with me!" like the lil shit he is

That and more probably!!!!

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Anonymous said: This is the right spot to send asks right?... (This Anon is new to Tumblr...) Anyways, I'm not sure if this counts as a Headcannon but I think Simmons is sometimes jealous of Caboose because It seems like he has a son/father relationship with Sarge. Also another HC is that Felix will always wake up with really bad Bedhair while Locus is fine so Felix is always trying to figure out his secret. *nervously runs away*

you’re doing it right

awwww poor simmons. i wonder if anyone has ever explored that aspect of his character D: 

and felix….lol that’s really cute to think about though 

Anonymous said: Can I just say how upsetting it is that the Guns For Hire AU isn't actually a show because I would watch the fuck out of it.

im v upset it isn’t a show too :(( 

i hope you enjoy all i can give though either way (╯︵╰,)

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Anonymous said: aaah you should try listening to them some more :3 they just came out with a new song!

yeah i saw lol i’ll give them another try soon…

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Anonymous said: Do you listen to VIXX? :D

i didn’t really like any of the songs i heard but then again i only listened to like 2 of their songs 

i do think Leo is really pretty tho

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Anonymous said: synne do you still listen to kpop very much :?

80% of my itunes is kpop

i listen to TOO MUCH kpop 

Anonymous said: *starts crying because Please Don't was beautiful* *also imagining Lolix happening in the MV and just-* *i don't know how to feel*

it makes me v happy that people recognize the sonG!!!

yes right? ….it would be so good…and heart breaking…. 

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nothing-but-pure-freevil said: Darude- sandstorm