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Guns For Hire is not a real show! It's just an AU I made up :)


i will love synne forever

Anonymous said: Once all the GFH stuff is done, will you do a master post with all the pictures in once place?


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Anonymous said: why does everything draw wash blonde? :O

In the episode “What Does the “I” Stand For?” (s10E06) Wash has his helmet off and he has blonde hair. 


My head canon though is he dyes his hair (which is dark brown/black in my mind— that’s why if you ever see my doodles of him, his roots are always black) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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gratefulcurse said: We should try to get a full squad of GFH freelancers at RTX 2015


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Anonymous said: Yes, hello, I have a question. About Felix's hair. Is it a gel or a mouse and how much time he spends on it in the mornings because I imagine Locus getting angry because he has to use the bathroom and Felix is just sitting there playing with his hair (I'm just sitting here staring at your drawings of him and for some reason I'm fixated on the way you draw his hair...)

I think Felix uses light gel and just swipes his hand through his hair a few times and calls it a day. I think he’s just lucky with his hair that it stays and naturally falls the way he wants it 

I don’t think they’re really vain about their hair but…Locus…every now and then he buys the nice expensive shampoo to treat himself :P 

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Dolce - Part Two: The Lunch Meeting


Special love and nod to my secret co-writer.

Dolce - Part Two: The Lunch Meeting

It wasn’t that he was looking for the name, just that it was a bit distinctive when it showed up on Felix’s schedule of clients almost a month later. Locus Castille wasn’t exactly a name you’d run into on a daily basis. Especially given the guy didn’t bother to just reserve under his first name or last name or some alias like other people did. It was Locus Castille when Felix went to meet him for a second party in the same limo, with the same briefing folder with some ‘updated’ details on their relationship in case they were asked. Locus Castille, a beautiful, insanely wealthy young man from Felix’s research after the second engagement, who apparently kept requesting him by name. Locus Castille who asked him to play buffer at the highest class of parties, who sent him to a high end tailor before the second one so he’d have ‘something more appropriate’ to wear. Locus Castille who let him spar with Lily Johnson and enjoy the fury on her face whenever her and her mother excused themselves.

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Anonymous said: I know you usually don't do requests but I was curious to what happy Felix and locus would look like?

um maybe….? ahahah ;u; they would look….infinitely younger :O

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Anonymous said: So I was reading this book called, "Young World" and it's basically about the apocalypse and all that and one of the characters was named "Washington" and was also half-Asian and I jUST COULDN'T STOP IMAGINING YOUR Asian!Wash. Asian!Wash is my lifeu. Keep up the superb work~ <3

:D!!!! How exciting!!!! I’m so glad you like my head canon wash ;3; <3

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Anonymous said: Are you going to make a ref for sis cause that's be awesome for accurate cosplay


Tadaaaaah i hope it helps the shirt….the shirt you really need to experiment with to make it work I think….. sorry :(( I made it hard. If it doesn’t work like I explain it you can just like stick a bow there ahah…. or just make it a pull over instead of a button up and make it LOOK LIKE a button up 8D;;; sorry for typos too i just rushed 

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Anonymous said: Tbh I've already started putting together a GFH sis cosplay

Ahhh yay!!! that’s awesome I can’t wait to see it!!! good luck !!!

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barlightsprettygirls said: tbh i'm really happy i followed you back when you drew a bunch of homestuck because you had a+ art because NOW YOU HAVE A+ RVB ART and that's all that really matters

Oh man ;;;;; thank you!!! AHHLrlg;erg i can’t believe there are still HS ppl that follow me……but i am really honored still u///////u <333 thank you friend for sticking around ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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Anonymous said: for sister is the ribbon part of the shirt or the jacket? also what exactly is the shirt? like a corset?

It’s part of the shirt. Someone else asked for a ref sheet so I’ll be drawing one explaining 

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Anonymous said: omg your asian!Washington headcanon is wonderful! I love it so much<33 /just found the pics


thank you he appreciates that :))

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Anonymous said: Just out of curiosity, are we going to see the rest of your Guns for Hire characters drawn without their helmets off, like CT and South and Sister? I know you're super busy, but I just thought I'd ask. I love your stylings of all of the characters! <3

Hmm….maybe…..I’m not really sure. A lot of the cast I don’t really have face canons for….

I get nervous sharing them too lol it makes me feel better hearing people like my ideas. I’ll try to think of some and doodle any that I really like!

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needlesneversleep said: Hi there, big fan of your work...i was wondering , do you have any head cannons for what lavernicus tucker would wear in the style of your guns for hire art? Id super love to cosplay it if you do!


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